6 Plate Clutch Conversion

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6 Plate Clutch Conversion

Postby lambrettaf » 14 Jul 2009 23:08

Cambridge Lambretta and Performance Tuning have developed a new 6 plate clutch conversion with new red friction plates. In comparision with the earlier version with green friction plates this one allowes to use softer springs and so resulting a softer operation.
The six plate kit has been tested up to 27bhp, and is recommended for tuned Mugello, Imola, Monza, TS1, RB kits etc. If your output is higher, or your kit tuned, you may want to consider the higher spec kit. If lower, there is also a cheaper 5 plate kit.
The kit consits of six friction plates, five steel plates, a top plate, five CLW competition springs, clutch half nut, and an Imola deep rear sprocket, plus a new Imola deep clutch inner bell, to give even more clearence, and ease of fitting using all standard clutch metals, instead of the bent tab type used in our standard kits.
Prices start £ 176.12 for the 6 plate kit, visit their site for more info http://www.lambretta.co.uk
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