LD ignition with auto advance

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LD ignition with auto advance

Postby kurt » 09 Jul 2009 13:41

Not so many people knew that Innocenti also used ignition systems with and automatic advance mechanism build in. It was based on centrifugal force with little weights and a spring. A bit comparable to the now more known Variotronic, but mechanical and with points then. I thought it was first used on the LD series 2 or 3.
I like to find out who is driving a Lambretta with this type of Ignition. Is this system working alright? Which make made this sets of flywheel assy ?
Also strange why it is called an auto-'advance' while in practice the timing is retarded on higher rev's, i.e. 23° @ 2000rpm > 18° @ 5000rpm.
Technical it looks a good improvement, but on all later Lambretta models, this advance system was abandond again, not sure why.
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Re: LD ignition with auto advance

Postby driewieler » 16 Jul 2009 22:11

Just do it,mount one
I have them on al my D types,work great especially whit to up.
There are two types whit the whaits on the inside and on the out side
I prefer the one whit whaits on the inside.
The one whit whaits on the outside has a pice of plastic there that wil wereout,and
i dont now if that is beeing remade.
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