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Lambretta club Belgium.

Postby irish john » 11 Oct 2004 20:22

Just a question about the LCB.
What if any events are planned for the rest of 2004?
What events are planned for 2005?
do we have an annual general meeting to decide what the members would like from their club?
how many members do we have?

It would be nice to attend other scooter events as the LCB. I have been at quite a few events this year and have seen very few Lambretta club members.
Is the plan just to have the one event every year at nieuwepoort? I hope not, i am expecting a little bit more for my membership money, come on even vespa club antwerpen organise more than one event per year and they lay on entertainment for after them.

I realise that we are a new club but its been an extremly quiet year so far as the LCB is concerned.
irish john
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Postby lambrettasam » 11 Oct 2004 21:38

OK John, thanks for your post.

I reply in name of the lambretta Club Belgium.

As for 2004, i think there won't be any other runs cause it's end of season for everybody. What you can expect as member by the end of this month is the re-styled newsletter. It'll come with the membership renewal. I have to say, the lambretta club belgium board is Kurt (president), Christophe (secretary and treasurer) and myself. That makes 3 people to organise the life of a club with 17 members as for today.

In the beginning of this year we started with ZERO members and O € in the club's patrimony. So, we organised the club's presence at Antwerp custom show beginning of this year. We printed out leaflets, folders, we met several times to organize, phoned a lot with each other while we didn't really know each other... all this was done without any members contribution. We did it because we wanted to rebuild the Lambretta Club Belgium. We also financed the printing of the t-shirts, we bought pens with the logo of the club, all this without knowing if we would get our money back some day...
Now, at the end of the first year, wa managed to organise two events (one major in may that was a success i think) and have like i said, 17 members, the board members not to be included.

So, yes I agree with you John, ONE single event (by the way, next year won't be Nieuwpoort but somewhere in the south of the country) but more.
One event is already planned for next year. Don't forget, being member offers you more than just meetings.
Just think of the discounts you get at superdealers, possibility to attend euro lambretta, feedback and help on buying scooters support by mail or throughout this forum...
I agree with you, we didn't see much lambretta members on events or rides from other clubs. I didn't have a (riding) lambretta untill this weekend. It's two years now that i'm restoring my ld. And i'm planning on doing my tv S2 this winter... So that's why you didn't see me this year. I didn't say i'll be doing all the rallies next year but you definitely can count me in for a few..! Lambretta RULZ!

Also, don't forget you cannot organize events with only 17 members x 20€. This money barely covers the costs for sending every memer a paper copy of the newsletter. That's why, in the newsletter you'll receive shortely, we now ask sponsors. If you know a few who would sponsor the club, email me their addresses at
As for next year, i hope the members will keep faith in the club (a club becomes what the members make it!) If we can have more members more helpinh hands and more sponsors, Hell yeah we will organize more events!
I hope you understand our point of view and feel free to respond to this, every idea is welcome. DON'T FORGET, THIS IS YOUR CLUB, SO YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL US WHAT YOU WANT!!!

Cheers to all my lambretta mates all around.

Lambretta greetings,
Lambretta Club Belgium board Member
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Postby kurt » 11 Oct 2004 23:11

Hello John,
I can understand you think it's kinda quite lately, but like Sam said we still busy. Besides the anual meeting in Nieuwpoort there was also a second ride-out in de Vlaams Ardennen, although it was on very short notice so I'm sure some members will never got their attention to it. (See a review of it in the coming club letter issue). Then next years Belgium Lambretta Meet is already in the pipeline. But we're still a small club so 1 national meeting/ride-out, a club stand at the Custom Show, visiting Euro 2004 and a local tour was not too bad I think so far. Afterall it's not only ride-outs that counts, there are lots of other stuff we need doing too, like administration, website,...
Im afraid, beside a 'board' meeting, an general anual clubmeeting will not be for this year anymore. Very few members are willing to travel 150km for a conversation. But all proposals are welcome, this forum is good place to share thoughts, no?
Each member is more than welcome to organise an ride-out in his area which he knows best, so anyone intrested, drop a line and maybe we have another club ride-out?
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Postby wally » 12 Oct 2004 17:47

Hoi scooterlovers
I am not a member yet but next month with the start of a new membership year i be a member!!!
I look almost every day on the vespa forum and the lambretta forum but here is not mutch respons.
I posted a new tread about a ride out and there was not a single one that answered. So everybody that want to do a ride out sunday 17 oktober on the church of koekelare at 13h30.
I hope to see a few lambrettas overthere.
greetings wally
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Postby irish john » 12 Oct 2004 22:59

at least you posted to tell us when your ride out is happening wally. The LCB seem to have ride outs that don't get advertised! maybe everyone was too busy administering the site to tell us about it.
irish john
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Postby ELLY125 » 13 Oct 2004 00:13

dear jhon lambretta club rumst is open for new members. see tim for details.
thanks for comming to the meeting last month
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Postby lambrettasam » 13 Oct 2004 09:10

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote">LCB seem to have ride outs that don't get advertised! <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

Sorry John but Wally didn't mention his ride until 30/09/2004

here is his post:

If members don't tell us about them rides, how can we put the info on-line??? Wally made a post but we can't help it if you didn't see it

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Postby Speedracer » 13 Oct 2004 10:36

are YOU coming to the ride-out on sunday to represent the 'Lambretta Club Belgium', you said your scooter is running so what's holding you back? I hope we see you there...
I'll be driving my lambretta, as will John, there's a old friend of mine coming from ostend on a J50 and Wally's wife might drive their Lambretta...
Reason enough to come and look for new members if you ask me, you never know who'll be there driving a Lambretta.
If I sign up for another year, do I get another Lambretta ballpoint?
How about a legshield banner to put on the scooter
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Postby lambrettasam » 13 Oct 2004 11:47

Hello Speedracer,

as you probably know because you posted this topic on the vespaforum, getting a scooter without original papers registered isn't that easy. So, unfortunately, because i don't have my papers yet and also because my scooter is just running since this weekend i won't risk it to make it up to Koekelaere on my ld. (i come from Luik so that makes me 200kms to get to there and i don't have a trailer. But like i said, you can definitely count me in for a few rides next year. If i really could go to a ride this weekend, i'd probably go to Herve (20kms from luik), where a local sc is also organizing a ride out.

As for the legshield banner, we're working on it.
It would be nice to have one fitted to every member's lambretta. Kurt tried to make one with cover paper and his laserjet printer but the results are not to good. We'll try to fix this for the next meeting on 21-22 may.

Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks for your replies and keep the faith in <u>your </u>club but do understand this isn't a local club and therefore we cannot organize a ride for every members village (as for the time being) maybe later on, we will be able to do so...
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Postby tumkie » 13 Oct 2004 12:54

alle begin is moeilijk , dus geef de ( weinige ) mensen die er voor werken een beetje tijd .
Sta volledig achter hen en ze mogen altijd rekenen op mijn steun .

Go Lambretta , Go !!!!

Tumkie from Limburg
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