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Postby irish john » 17 Sep 2009 09:18

I'm not saying that the 175cc kits are bad, just that there are a lot better options on the market for just a little more money. The alu- 175 is just an SR kit, they are not tuned to stage four although they seem to be sold as though they are. I have a alu- 186 version tuned by a friend of mine although not even to stage four and this will pull 110kpu running a jetex 22mm and a clubman and a 5.3 final gear ratio (with my wife riding it) and will go even better if i put different sprockets and an expansion on it.
I have had, way in the distant past, a few "real" stage four 175 kits from AF and MB among others and with a big carb and a fresco these kits were very fast on the road, unfortunately if you wanted to ride them hard for long they would eventually seize up, usually due to bad set up, but an iron cylinder will seize way quicker than an alloy cylinder unless its set up really well.
The new SIL 175 has the port layout of a series two 150, it is not even a copy of the TV cylinder and on a two stroke it is the porting that is ALL important not the CC of the cylinder. I have fitted a standard SIL GP150 cylinder to Tumkie's series one, it uses a jetex22 and clubman and he is often asked if it is a 175 or even a 200, those cylinders are the best budget upgrade for a 125 or even a series two 150.

To sum up, if i wanted a lambretta small block running a clubman exhaust:
Mugello 186 for me is the best kit, although it will use more fuel and costs a fair bit.
GT186 would be my next choice, although its iron it uses a great Japanese piston and feels like a 240cc when pulling up hills.
A correctly tuned SR-suzuki 190 would be my next choice but this is not an easy one to get built or for a novice to set up.
I have used an Imola with a clubman in the past but its a waste of a really good race kit and the muggy does it better.
Casa kit is nice, but is not really value for money as it only gives a little power increase, lets call this one "the old mans kit".
SR190 will do the job if its cleaned up a bit as can the 175cc version.
after that lot i'd be thinking of getting a standard SIL 200 instead.

Just my opinions, feel free to disagree.

irish john
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Postby Joene » 17 Sep 2009 12:12

Thank you all for your constructive feed-back so far
It won't make the choice easier though [;)]
I will flip a coin [:D]: Mugello or standard SIL 150cc
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Postby fajes » 17 Sep 2009 12:44

I will be fitting a standard GP150 on my series 2 next year, maar zo lang wilde ni wachten op resultaat zeker? [:D]
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Postby Joene » 17 Sep 2009 16:26

@Fajes: jawel [^]
trouwens mijn 125 Special is niet echt een slak, is sneller dan een standaard LI 150 [8D]
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Postby fullmetaldany » 21 Sep 2009 21:25

rijd reeds drie jaar met mugello kit
als en wildeman[:)] rond tot zover nog geen problemen gehad de motor loopt als nen trein( bedankt sam[:D] rijdt den hele dag volgas zonder problemen [:p]

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