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Postby gem » 22 Feb 2010 16:42

een Lambretta invoeren uit de UK,is dat problemen zoeken?
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Postby gem » 24 Feb 2010 18:45

Er staat een grijze Gran Sport uit 1967 op Ebay die mij kan bekoren...maar staat in de UK.[:(]
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Postby irish john » 25 Feb 2010 14:24

A gran sport??? what kind of lambretta is that?
irish john
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Postby gem » 25 Feb 2010 17:25

Sorry,restored by Gran Sport Birmingham. ... 2eab598aaa
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Postby TheSeeker » 25 Feb 2010 17:39

The seller says :-

"It’s on a SORN. It has it’s MOT until feb 2011"

Which means it is registered in the UK. They use a paper called a V5 which is the same as the Belgian pink paper.

If you have the V5 then you can register the vehicle in Belgium. You have to officially import it first via the douane and then go to the DIV.

There is lots of information about this. I wrote up the following procedure. There is also a thread on

Step 1. The Douane

Visit the douane office at Tour and Taxi to officially import the vehicle. As the scooter is second hand you don't pay any tax. You go to the gichet and they will direct you to a man who handles the imports from within the EU. He will examine the Italian papers, at this point make sure you explain the correct date of manufacture. This man will give you a pink form which is a "Demande Du Immacluation du Vehicule" and is the most important paper you will receive. He will then transfer you back to the gichet where they will attach the brown douane sticker (La vignette 705) and ask you for 3 cents (yes 3 cents, be sure to take some coins). The vehicule is now offically imported and the Ministry of Finance is happy that you don't need to pay any tax.

Step 2. Insurance

Visit your insurance provider to insure the scooter and get a white sticker for the bottom right corner of your pink form.

Step 3. DIV

Once you have the douane sticker and the insurance sticker it's time to visit the DIV. Go to the main DIV office near Gare Du Nord. Take a ticket and wait in line (take a book as this could be up to 2 hours). You will only have to wait in line once as they will stamp your pink paper so that you don't have to queue the next time. They will check your pink form and see that the doane and insurance stickers are correct. They will also need to see the Italian paperwork and any supporting documents you have as like in the douane the date of manufacture and first registration is very important.

Remind them that as a motorbike it doesn't need a control technique. They will then ask you for the "Certicate du Conformitie" ("Carte Gris") which of course you don't have, explain that the Lambretta factory closed in the 1970s. They will propose a process in which the Ministry of Transport will make you a Carte Gris for a fee of Euro49 (called a "Attestation De Validation D'un Certifcate de Conformitie"). They do not accept cash or bankcontact, you must pay via bank transfer and then fax proof of this payment to the DIV office (everything is explained in a paper they wil give you). You must then wait 10 working days whilst they process this form.

Step 4. Back to the DIV

After ten working days return to the DIV with all your paperwork and a copy of the fax you sent. You will have faxed your proof of payment to a particular person in the DIV and at this point the person on the gichet will phone this man and he will come down to meet you and give you the third and final sticker. Once this is done they will process your pink application form, pass you to another lady at gichets 1 or 2 who will check again the Italian papers and finally give you your plate and registration document (also pink just to confuse things).

Try to take as much paperwork you have which shows the frame numbers and date of manufacture of the scooter. This includes old service bills and tax disks etc.

I don't have the copies of the paperwork I made to hand in the office so over the weekend I will ammend this post with the correct form and vignette numbers and also the addresses of the Doane and DIV.

Best regards, hope that helps.


DIV Address

Mobilité et Sécurite Routière
Direction Circulation Routière - DIV
City Atrium
Rue du Progrès 56
1210 Bruxelles (Saint-Josse-ten-noode)

Douanes Address

Douanes et accises(Bruxelles)
Rue de l'Entrepôt 11
1020 Bruxelles
02-422 11 91 ... ontact.htm

Best regards


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Postby gem » 27 Feb 2010 12:46

Oh boy!
Thanks for the info.
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