2-stroke basics and tuning info

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2-stroke basics and tuning info

Postby kurt » 16 Jul 2009 18:22

For those intrested to read some extended theory about the working of the 2-stroke engines:
2-stroke theory: http://www.datafan.com/bimotion/2stroketheory.html
exhaust and intake tuning: http://www.datafan.com/articles/IntakeTuning.html
2-stroke tuners handbook by Gordon Jennings '73 152 pages! http://www.datafan.com/TunersHandbook/2-strokefiltered.html
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Re: 2-stroke basics and tuning info

Postby Paul » 25 Nov 2010 20:21

Goodevening Kurt,
Enjoyed the "Bimotion link". Here at last is some explanation why 2 strokes need retarded ignition when revs go up. Would like a really "scientific" article on that subject.
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